Bit Bazaar Winter Market December 7, 2013

Bit Bazaar Winter Market
Saturday, December 7, 2013, 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Bento Miso
862 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Bit Bazaar: Winter Market is presented by Bento Miso, with support from the Toronto Comics Arts Festival and Attract Mode. Come check out a unique celebration of the art and craft of Indie Games, Web Comics with yummy food! There’s tonnes of taleneted exhibitors showing off a bunch of wicked stuff (too many to list here, so check out the full line-up here) and best of all, it’s free to attend (although there’s plenty of stuff to buy)! My collaborator Dustin Freeman and I will be presenting the first playable demo version of a game we’ve been developing called Shapeshifter.

Score some points with everyone on your list by snagging one-of-a-kind, limited-edition goods from over 30 exhibitors—zines, games, comics, t-shirts, posters, mixtapes and toys—right from the artists! Support local indie game makers directly by preordering unreleased games and buying unique items! Meet the talent behind rad Web comics and pick up short-run editions and prints! Nosh tasty snacks and take home packaged foods from honey to pie! Play games in the Arcade of the Bazaar! Collect cards from each vendor and battle your friends in a new game designed by Damian Sommer!

Development screenshot of ShapeShifter

Shapeshifter needs your data!

We’re working on Shapeshifter’s player detection algorithm and need your help! If you have a Windows computer with a webcam, download our training application here and unzip it. NOTE: some people seem to be getting download warnings – your browser may be suspicious because the .zip contains an .exe. It’s safe to the best of my knowledge.


0. You’re going to be making shapes with your body. You will probably need to stand up.
1. Run ShapeShifterRGB.exe
When you start the training sequence in the next step, you’ll see a grid of black and red boxes. You want to fill the red boxes as much as possible, with as little as possible of your body outside. New shapes will come every few seconds. Some near the end are harder – don’t worry if you’re not perfect. In the middle, it will say “Get out of frame”; this is so we can capture the background.

2. Press T to begin the training sequence.
If you didn’t get the sequence at first, or you want to try again for any other reason, press T at the end.

3. Make a .zip file of the “sequence” folder.
In the same directory as ShapeShifterRGB.exe, you will see a folder called “sequence”. This folder contains all the images of you just captured. In Windows, right click this and Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder.

4. Send the .zip to will probably come to ~60 MB, so it’s too big for email. You can get it to me whatever way is easiest. If you use Dropbox, you can put it in there and send me a link. I recently tried out MEGA ( and it works out pretty well too.
Mega Instructions:
Drag your .zip onto the website.
After it uploads, right click on the file -> Get Link. Copy this link and send it to me.
I’ll let you know when I’ve grabbed the .zip so you can remove it from wherever you put it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. Who will see this?
Me, and anyone else who works on Shapeshifter ( At the moment, this is Dustin Freeman (me), Kyle Duffield, and Derek Reilly. I might ask a couple other people with a computer vision background for advice, but I’m certainly not going to make it public and, like, make fun of you or anything.

Q. Why do this?
We’re working on a colour camera-based human-body tracker for Shapeshifter. The Kinect is great at body tracking for games in almost all cases, but I’m not expecting someone to buy one just to play Shapeshifter. If I just train and design the algorithm on myself, I’ll end up making it so specific that it can only detect me, in the room I work in. I need a bunch of variations of different people (how they look and move) in different rooms to be sure the algorithm is good at everything.

– Dustin